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Last Updated:  June 2009

This site is one of the keys to changing the world peacefully.  The people who
participate in this site will achieve this goal by submitting ideas and solutions for
small changes and then others members will scan these ideas and vote on which
one should be implemented as well as voting on the implementation solution.  
The one with the most votes will be implemented by the staff members of this
organization and by a group of volunteer members.  

Using the power of the vote and the will of millions, small changes will be possible
because your votes will speak loudly to the company, industry or government
entity that needs to make the change and has the authority to make the change.  

Another way to look at it, this site is a democratization of all decisions which
currently are in the hands of individuals who have the authority to make the
change but don't really have a clue or the information on what needs to change
nor how best to do it.

Each member in good standing will be allotted a standard number of votes per
month.  Additional voting rights will be earned in at least three other ways:  

  1. a member who's ideas and/or solutions are chosen by the membership will
    earn additional voting rights
  2. a member who participates in the implementation of a winning idea/solution
    will earn additional voting rights
  3. a member who participates on a regular basis

To be a participant in this organization you must be a member of the organization
in good standing.  You can join today by clicking on the 'Join Us' tab and sending
in your information.  We will email you from time to time to keep you informed of
changes and voting results.  There is no fee to join for the first 100 members -
the founding members.  To see the current membership list click on the '
Us' tab.   


Kory Lovre, Founder
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