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About 'Cambio el Mundo'

Founded:  August 19th, 2005

Full Name: 'De Buena Vista, es posible a cambie el mundo para el mejor.'
'From Good View, it is possible to change the world for the better.'
'De bonne vue, il est possible de changer le monde pour le meilleur'
'Von Guten Ansicht, ist es möglich, die Welt für das bessere zu ändern.'
'Da buona vista, è possibile cambiare il mondo per il migliore.'
'Da vista boa, é possível mudar o mundo para o melhor.'

Founder:   Kory Lovre

Purpose:  To help make the world a better place for all life on board.

How:  By making small changes to systems or processes that are bothering us.

Why:  We all seem to have something that frustrates us, that if only a small change
were made, things would be a lot better.  That's what this site is about.  People will list
what is frustrating them and the members will decide if they want to work on fixing that
frustration.  Click on 'The Challenges' tab on the left side of this page to see what is
frustrating others.

The Inspiration:  "While in the midst of an around-the-world trip in 1991, I ended up
in the small town of Buena Vista, Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico was an unplanned stop
and Buena Vista was a place I was not supposed to be.  In fact when Puerto Ricans
outside of Buena Vista looked in my travel notebook and electronic organizer and
saw all of the people who had signed their names and written some words with the
name of their town 'Buena Vista' beside them, they didn't believe I had actually been
to Buena Vista - because if I had I would surely have been dead right now.  

Truth is though, I had been to Buena Vista and it was in Buena Vista that I was
'struck' by an epiphany.  Everyone in Buena Vista treated me kindly and everyone
was excited to meet me - which was the total opposite of where I had been previously
- the resort of Palmes del Mar.  The epiphany had to do with keys.  Lots of them.  
And this organization is one of the 'keys' of my epiphany that will lead us to a better
world.  My only regret is that it has taken 15 years to get things started."

Issues:  The intention of this organization is to address issues that bother the
majority of us as decided by the voting members.  We will attempt to do so without
crossing into religious or political issue.  The appropriateness of 'challenges' will also
be determined by the voting members.  If we find that there are many political issues
to address then that will become the start of a new 'key' and a new and separate

Founding Members
Rich Wilson, San Jose, California, USA,  2006 January 10
Supreeth Shetty, Mangalore, India, 2006 January 11
Jason Campbell, Jersey City, New Jersey, 2006 January 11
Amrit Coyle, Counden Coventry, England, UK, 2006 January 15
Maya S. McClure, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2006 January 17
Janet Kim, Canoga Park, California, USA, 2006 January 17
Anne Marie Coyle, Counden Coventry, England, UK, 2006 January 19
Timmy Toor, San Diego, California, USA, 2006 January 22
Suhkminder K. Toor, San Diego, California, USA, 2006 January 22
Harjit S. Toor, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, 2006 January 24
Debbie Thompson, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, USA, 2006 January 25
Laura Veihdeffer, San Jose, California, USA, 2006 January 26
Odell Lovre, Auburn, Washington, USA, 2006 January 29
Archie Lovre, Seatac, Washington, USA, 2006 January 29
Lauri Papay, Sunnyvale, California, USA, 2006 January 29
Mary Ann Sheehy, Aptos, California, USA, 2006 January 29
Gurmit Singh Toor, Escondido, California, USA, 2006 January 30
Aura Yolanda Veltram Jimenez,  San Jose, California, USA, 2006 February 15*
Tony Koudsi, Foster City, California, USA, 2006 February 16
Rita Wessel, San Jose, California, USA, 2006 February 17
Florence Rodriguez, Salinas, Puerto Rico, USA, 2006 February 18
Ramiroarmando Hinojosa Aguilar, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico, 2006 February 20
Leo Benitez Prieto, San Jose, California, USA, 2006 February 26
Karina Herrera, Houston, Texas, USA, 2006 March 13
Sumitha, Mangalore, Karnataka, India, 2006 March 16 (Correct email address please)
Omar Enciso, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 2006 March 24
Kiran Basi, Poway, CA, USA, 2006 March 26
Damayanti Gupta, Mumbai, Maharastra, India, 2006 March 28
NC, San Diego, CA, USA, 2006 April 9 (no longer member)
Mark Gabrish Conlan, San Diego, CA, USA, 2006 April 10
Thomas Bunn, Birmingham, England, UK, 2006 April 12
Maria Pedoulaki, Athens, Hellas (Greece), 2006 April 13
MacNeil Fernandez, Chandler, Arizona, USA, 2007 December 2
Avram Eisner, Seattle, Washington, USA, 2010 August 21

Thea Ellie Artemis, Winooski, Vermont, USA, 2014 April 23

* pending email confirmation

Add your name to this list (50 maximum founding members).
Some small amount of administrative work will be required of founding members such
as deciding organization operational procedures and by laws.
'Cambio el Mundo'
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